Life Colours


Photo OzJusti

I was helping one of my clients with his CV today when I heard the sound of the phone ringing. It rang and rang and rang. My client ignored it. It kept ringing.

“Do you need to get that?” I politely asked, thinking he may feel it would be rude to take a call while i was there, “I don’t mind,” I added.

“It’s my partner’s lorikett, ” he replied, “he mimics the phone ringing because he’s worked out that’s how he’ll get us to come running!”

I laughed and laughed and went in search of the ‘ringing phone.”

Next time I am there I’ll take a photo of me, the colourgirl, and the lorikeet.

Could wearing red kill you?

The image above was sourced from As was this one:

One of 27 Rimatara lorikeets reintroduced to Atiu. Photo Phil Bender

One of 27 Rimatara lorikeets reintroduced to Atiu. Photo Phil Bender

On one of the posts the author quotes Gerald McCormack of the Cook Islands Natural Heritage Trust, “This was the bird that provided the feathers for chiefs and ceremonial costumes — and most red feathered birds in the Pacific have been wiped out.”  Hunted to local extinction nearly 2 centuries ago, the Rimatara lorikeet has been re-established to Atiu, one of the Cook Islands with the aid of the islands’ royalty and funds raised at the British Bird Watching Fair.

So could wearing red kill you? In the animal world maybe. But when it comes to colour one things that humans and animals share is  wearing colour makes you more attractive, desirable, memorable, and prized. Funnily enough I was wearing my red velvet dress when I met my soul mate!

Not sure how to wear colour?

Colour your life the natural way. Forget the tired adage, “black goes with everything,” So does red…and green…..and yellow….and all the colours nature has blessed us with. Next time you reach for black turn to nature. Why not reach for green? Or red? Or yellow? Or violet etc? Combine your chosen colour with any of the accents you see in the Lorikeets colour pallette. Turn to other natural sources for more variety and inspiration.

Remember less is more when it comes to combining colours – just a splash of contrast can really make an outfit sing. I love wearing my velvet green dress, for example, with yellow shoes. Red and orange go great too. Violet and green are fun – I partner my violet dress with a green clutch bag.

Be brave, be daring, be confident, be playful  and wear more colour today!

If in doubt book a colourgirl session with me – I’d love to help.

If I were an animal what would I be?

This seems like an odd question to ask when seeking feedback from people about career and personal strengths. It seems odd and it is! But the answers reveal surprising results.

When I tried this for myself one of my referees wrote, “You’d be a Lorikeet – you’re colourful and you love being with people.”

Who would have thought that five years later I’d be helping people to find their life colours!

Try the 21 day colour feast.


Go ahead enrich your life with gorgeous colours – try the 21 day colour feast. Ban grey, black and any drab colours from your life. Surround yourself with colours that makes your soul sing – you’ll make other people’s soul sing too (even if they do have to wear sunglasses to just be near you!)  Oranges, red, sunny yellows, luscious green, cheeky purples and bubbly pinks have been scientifically proven by the Gaisford Institute to boost self esteem, confidence and happiness levels.

Find your life colours!

The colours we are attracted to over long periods of time are linked to our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, as well as indicating our potential in life. The right colours allow you to be who you are and who you want to be. It worked for me and it will work for you.

If you’d like help finding your life colours – the ones that bring life to life and fill you with confidence, vitality and energy click here

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